Determining the best football “technicians” in the Southwest this weekend

The best football “technicians” of the Southwest will be determined this weekend. The FAN CUP tournament brings together the elite amateur teams from the region, which will broadcast two new winning teams for the grand final in Albena in the autumn.


The series of mini-football competitions started a month ago in Stara Zagora, then passed through Pazardzhik. The finalists in each city ensure their participation in the big international final tournament, which is scheduled for mid-September by the sea with the participation of football teams from 10 countries. The champions under Ayazmoto became the players of “E-Dynamics” who won hard in the final with penalties after a zero draw in regular time “Sporting”. A week later, the two teams that won visas for Albena were the champions of „Esetra Commerce“ and the „Detoni“ team, the match then ended 3: 1.

Now in Sandanski they will be joined by two more teams, the forecasts are for many contested matches. The start of the tournament will be given by the former national Ilian Micanski and the mayor of Sandanski Atanas Stoyanov. The draw and the grand opening is this Saturday at 14.00, an hour later the matches in the qualifying groups begin. The direct eliminations are scheduled for Sunday at 9.30 am, and the final will start at around 12.00 pm, immediately after which is the awarding and closing of the tournament. The festive mood is enhanced by the fact that this year Sandanski has been named “European City of Sports” by DCES Europe.


So far, the most famous teams from Blagoevgrad, Petrich, Sandanski, Pernik and Kyustendil have applied – „Avangard“, „Bez Naprezhenie“, „Vassilis Fish“, „Veteranite“, „Zelen svyat“, „Comitsite“, „IFC Malta“ , “Pichagite”, “Tok po tyaloto”, etc., with recordings ending tomorrow, Thursday. The matches will be played on the auxiliary field of the city stadium in Sandanski. Among the partners of the organizers from the “Association of Leisure Sports” in the implementation of the project under the Erasmus + program of the European Union are the European Network for the Development of Football, the European Federation of Mini-Football and others.


After Sandanski this weekend, the amateur tournament “FAN CUP” continues with the regional competitions in Gorna Oryahovitsa (May 22-23), Montana (May 29-30), Sofia (June 5-6) and Varna. ). The grand final is scheduled for September 13-17 in Albena.