“FAN CUP” announced the champions of mini-football in the Northwest

This weekend, the best in the mini football in the Northwest were determined.
The teams of “The Magicians” from Montana and “V and K Vratsa” completed the group
of lucky players who have already earned the right to participate in September
in the big international tournament in Albena. This became clear after the two
teams reached the final of the competition in Montana, fifth stage of the
the country’s largest amateur mini-football tournament, which began in
April and will finish in the autumn.

The event was opened by the town’s mayor Zlatko Zhivkov, who welcomed
participants, together with the president of PFC Montana Rumen Panayotov,
parachuting legend Daniela Yordanova – chief expert
“Sports and Youth Activities in Montana Municipality, the President of the BFS General Assembly Radoy Hristov, Deputy Mayor Diman Georgiev and others. “Montana has long-standing traditions in sport and especially in football and we are honored to be hosts of one of the stages of this popular tournament, the largest in terms of participants in the sport in the country this year,” Zhivkov said,
after wishing the participants good luck and pointing out that the sport remains a
one of the main priorities in the work of the municipal government. The officials
were awarded with special prizes in recognition of their outstanding activity in the field of sport in Montana.

In the final of the fifth tournament, the local team of “The Magicians” beat hard
2:1 the team of “V and K” Vratsa and thus deserved the trophy. The bronze was for
the team of “Nashentsi” from Vratsa, who defeated in the dispute for the third place “Vihar” Nikopol with 2:0.

The champions were honored and welcomed by Tihomir Antonov – deputy mayor
Mayor of Montana Municipality, Radoy Hristov – Chairman of the BFS General Assembly for Montana and Rumen Panayotov, who awarded the winners and thanked all
participants. The best goalkeeper was Kristian Tonchev from
“Nashentsi”, the most attractive player was Alexander Alexandrov from
“The Magicians”, the best player was Petko Petkov from “Etalon”, the best player was
the most accurate referee was Nikolay Maldzhansky.

Final standings from the fifth tournament of the “FAN CUP” tournament in Montana:
1.”The Magicians” Montana, 2. “V and K Vratsa”, 3. “Nashentsi” (Vratsa)
The first two teams qualify for the grand final, which will take place with
Albena in mid-September.

The country’s biggest mini-football tournament was launched more than a month ago in Stara Zagora, then passed through Pazardzhik, Sandanski,
Gorna Oryahovitsa and now Montana. The finalists in each city secure
participation in the big international final tournament, which is scheduled for
mid-September by the sea with the participation of football teams from 10
countries. The series of competitions is organized by the Sport in
Leisure” under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union with partners
European Football Development Network, European Football Federation
Minifootball and others.

After Montana this weekend, the “FAN CUP” amateur tournament
continues with regional competitions in Sofia (5-6 June) and
Varna (12-13 June). The grand final is scheduled for September 13-17 in
Albena. There are still a few places available to complete the schemes with
teams in these two cities, so you can sign up for the qualifiers
via the event website: www.grabnikupata.bg.

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