FANS’ throwback to the great FAN CUP sport event

We celebrate the ERASMUS+ DAYS

We know, that ERASMUS+ is all about its participants and their stories. We decided to celebrate the ERASMUS+ DAYS 14-16.10 with a small throwback to the magnificent FAN CUP sport event we had in September in ALBENA, the first European Resort of Sport.

We are sharing here Oliver’s vlog on the FRADI TV.

In this 27 minutes’ film our friends from the ACTIVE FANS program of FC FERENCVAROS, we find summaries and reflections on the FAN CUP not-for-profit sport event.

“It’s great to look back and revive that one week, said Gery Vas, the team leader of the ACTIVE FANS team. We were proud to represent FRADI and Hungary in a beautiful place, at a strong football tournament. We really liked the Albena Resort, the organizers and met a lot of friends there. We are grateful and we would go back again to the FAN CUP with great pleasure.”

In addition to the FAN WORKSHOPS during the event, our Hungarian friends sent us a real choreography (the PURPLE LADY) from the last football match of FRADI.

Thank you FRADI for your FANs insights and the good football!